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Happy Onam to all!

flamesofdissent will have financial services on the website and will start from tomorrow. One can find it under services section. We deal with Demat accounts, credit cards, auto loan, mortgage, insurances services and wealth management.

N Here after the magazine will have a section called ‘Introducing India to the world'. It will be on a wide variety of topics which will include politics, economy, Sports, Music, dance, Culture, traditions, nature and more. It could be a five minutes video or it could be a written content along with images and videos.


Trump administration can give instruction to police department to restrain from shooting and killing civilians. Police can use arms only if the suspect or culprit is armed and is using it. It is more polite than saying agitators to stop violence. It is more polite than calling agitators “terrorists”. It helps to contain the spread of virus. Riots and agitations will work as catalyst for the spread of virus. The police department requires an over-haul, which includes teaching them their ‘code of conduct’, while on duty.


On 08 November 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came on television and informed the nation about demonetization of all five hundred rupees and thousand rupees currency notes. It was made to appear like an economical revolution in India. It created lot of chaos, because it was done all of a sudden and the government also was not prepared for it.

Infact it was an attempt to silence public on black money. It was a way of getting fifteen lakh for each individual as promised by Mr. Modi. A great dream sold by Modi to Indian public called ‘Achee Din’. But this move was aimed to end counter fiet currency notes in India. It helped BJP to drain the wealth of all opposition parties. Now BJP party funds and assets went up by 130%, while Indian economy is limping.

The cost of printing new currency notes of two thousand rupees and five hundred rupees, incurred an expense of 7965 crores to RBI. RBI said this in its annual report that the cost incurred in printing the new notes, between July 2016 and June 2017 is 7965 crores. Many among public suffered. Some even died while waiting for money in the hot sun. Many economists including Raghuram Rajan the, former RBI Governor said that demonetization is a wrong way. Niti Ayog the government think tank should come up with a plan to to end all the ways through which the black money is created. That only is the way to end black money.

Unfortunately, Modi government failed to stop the ways through which the black money is created and there were fake counterfeit currency notes of rupees two thousand in less than weeks since the new notes were introduced.

A private bank in Hyderabad said that they get to see at least forty fake currency notes in a day. So demonetization only helped to end a portion of illegal wealth, in liquid cash.

Narendra Modi Government failed to deliver as promised and even ended up destroying the economy. Indians are ready to accept the fact that 'Acche Din' is just an excegerratio, but the government is deceiving the public. The government can make our country a better civilization and our economy will never suffer. Elected government and bureaucrat’s should accept the idea called ending “Black Money” .

Bribery can generate ‘Black Money’ and ‘bribery’ will open doors for all other ways through which the ‘Black money’ is obtained.

Below are few of the bizarre and brazen ways through which the ‘Black Money’ is created.

1) Organ Trade:

Organ Trade comes in the first place. It is illegal and inhuman to sell and buy organs for money. It is a way of deceiving the country and its citizen, all at a time. Such activities will operate through a chain and each member of the chain is benefitted and the rest of the country is deceived mercilessly. Thereby, we are breaking the natural laws. And the natural law is; we live healthy and stronger with healthy habits. Having money is no license to live a loose life, just because one can afford medical science.

In India, the law permits to donate organs, only to known relatives and loved ones. And Organ trading is prohibited. Organs can be donated only in the event of brain dead, coma, etc.

But there is need for organs among the wealthy. And the demand is same from across the world. The organ traders will find ‘sellers’, whom they call ‘donors’. Often innocent poor from villages are lured to sell their kidney for an amount as low as eighty thousand. What many sellers get is nothing more than chickenfeed. And major portion of the money goes to middlemen, hospitals authorities and the doctors. And the sellers cannot complain, even if they don’t get eighty thousand as promised, because selling organs in India is illegal. And these organs are sold to foreign customers for lakhs and crores. Some unethical doctors, agents, government officials, hospital authorities are all part of the chain, who run and are cruelly benefited from Organ Trade. And the issue will gain some attention only when reported by journalists. And the popular art of silencing the messenger will help the practice to continue without much of trouble.

A doctor from department of Urology in Ramachandra Medical College and research institute, porur, Chennai, has optioned that some private money lenders will lend the poor and trap them in debt to obtain kidney. And check out the add I found on internet.

click on the link below to read the entire article from Dr.Sunil Shroff, which was published in Indian journal of Urology, Journal of the Urology Society of India.

There were several hospitals, doctors and agents with their mobile number to contact and openly soliciting organs for money. I sent a an email complaint to Commissioners of police from different wings and even got a reply. But even today those websites exist on internet in different name and form.

Click on the below link to see my folder, which was sent to police.

The irony is such that there isn’t any action taken by government, on this issue other than lip service. And they do this lip service often to relax someone making it a story. Those who raise their voice against such issue are punished by government, instead of protecting them. The demand in global market for organs makes it a brisk business affair. One just need to type organ trade and will get at least hundreds of hospital and doctors who are waiting for a call from ‘Sellers’. This racket will even make or organize road-accidents to obtain organs. They can even make patients go to coma for obtaining organs. Government should enforce that only relatives and loved once can donate organs and should consider banning the transplant of organs from road-accident victims and those brain dead.

And the government and Niti-Ayog should consider measures to reduce the deaths due to road mishap in entire India. The government should understand that the money obtained through organ trade can be used for terror funding. Government not providing any small credit facility to poor, private-lenders lending money assuming kidney, as pledged item and the unemployment in the country. All this talks about government’s failure in stopping black money production. The government also failed to save those innocents, who are used by the organ racket.

2) Narcotic Drugs.

Second comes the narcotic drugs through which the black money is obtained and is banned by the government. But the wealthy lot wants that business. Hence we get to see police arresting few here and there,#. Often they are peddlers , who sell in retail. But the real boses. The boses who own this entire show are in the dark. Money obtained through drug peddling also creates black money.

3) Prostitution.

Cities like Mumbai and Calcutta where there are red streets and are managed by Bhai’s or rowdies. They call themselves as gangsters and what they do is collect money from sex workers, for themselves and for police. Such ill-gotten money is used to purchase illegal fire arms. Prostitution in India cannot be banned, considering the number rapes we see around India. Then legalizing it and providing health care for those sex workers will save those women from police and Bhai’s, who harass them for money. We should think in a more mature way to resolve issues in the best interest of the society. And should come out of the Hippocratic approach and thinking.

4) Movies.

Movie Industry in India works as a platform for converting black money to white money. Movie Industry is where black money is used to multiply it. Few black money hoarders can pool money and can make someone a producer. In India, one could see heavy budget movies, which will amuse us like Bahubali one and two. Bollywood and Telgu movies in the south are the two languages in Indian movies where one could see more and more expensive movie production. And the Bollywood has close relationship with people who are not acceptable to the society.

Niti Ayog and government should stop worrying about private companies and should consider the above mentioned issues to strengthen our economy.

Niti Ayog should think of providing free and quality education for all. And that is not possible by changing syllabus or chapters in text books. A world class educational facility and meal to all. Just changing the syllabus will not improve education and sports in India. All capitalist countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and some European countries are providing free education to all. Modi can apply ‘ Skill India’, only on educated Indians. And, let’s stop saying; Why everything for free?

Introducing India to the world: Part 1

'Onam' celebrations in Kerala:

In the world map, one could see a small state in the south-west coast of Indian peninsula. It is a world famous tourist spot, attracting tourists from across the globe. It is Kerala, also known as, ‘Gods own country’. It’s rich cultural and traditional heritage make it unique from all other states in India. Cultural folk songs and dance forms like ‘Kathakali’, ‘Mohinyattam’, ‘Kuchupudi’,’ ottam-Thullal’, ‘Oppanna’, and ‘Maragam kali’, are taught, encouraged and performed for public across Kerala. Each of this dance forms has their own uniqueness, like story telling through dance called ‘Kathakali’. Carnatic and Hindustani music is taught and learnt in great numbers in Kerala. ‘Kalari Pyte’, Kerala’s traditional martial arts is another attraction for those coming to see Kerala. It is even said that those martial arts taught in China, Japan and Korea have their origin from ‘Kalari Pyte’. Temple in Kerala and the rituals in those temples in Kerala is also different from the rest of India.

And it is Onam in Kerala. It is a ten days festival. Most of the houses will have flower spread in front their houses in attractive designs. And those flower and patterns are changed every day for all ten days. Tenth day is ‘ThiruOnam’. On ‘ThiruOnam’ the meal served is called ‘Sadhya’. ‘Sadhya’ will have at least ten to twelve different kinds of veg dishes. It is served along with rice, sambar and few other curries. And ‘payasal’ (pudding ) of at least on kind. People prefer shopping during Onam eve. The ten days festival is filled with activities like ‘Tag of war’, Swing,’ PuliKatli’(People dressed like tigers dancing on the street and boat race. Those taking part in boat race will undergo training for a month or two, where their rest, sleep, diet, exercise are decided by their coach. And boat race in Kerala is as good as Football.

'Onam' festival is to celebrate the arrival of demon('Asura') king of Kerala, who is permitted to visit his citizens, once a year. Sri Krishna, the supreme among the Hindu Trinity, which is creator, preserver and the destroyer. 'Sri Krishna' the preserver has many manifestation and he takes those manifestation when sins ('Adhrama') are defeating ‘Cosmic Law’ ('Dharma'). One of Sri Krishna’s manifestation is as 'Vamana', a young Brahmin boy. 'Vamana' the preist will request three foots of land in the kingdom of the Demon (Asura) king> And the king will ready accept the request. Vamana will finish sky and earth in two steps. Maveli or Mahabali the demon king will ask the preist to place his third foot on his head to keep his promise. Vamana’s third step on Maveli will push him to a world underneath earth called ‘Pathalam’. And Maveli will come to see his people in Kerala once in a year and that is celebrated as Onam.

This year, Kerala will celebrate ‘ Thiru-Onam’ during this pandemic and lockdown. Please celebrate Thriu-Onam without mass gathering and follow social distancing guidelines. Help the world around in their fight against Covid-19 and it’s spread. May be, Maveli will choose to stay at home during this loackdown.

A brief video on Culture and tradition of Kerala.

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